Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers quickly to how to order, get delivery, care and, purchase our Christmas trees.

Renting a Christmas Tree Questions

We want to make renting a Christmas tree as simple and convenient as possible by trying to answer all your questions and providing friendly customer service.

Have questions about how to order, choose or compare our Christmas trees for rent? Ordering FAQs

Ordering Questions

Our online catalog includes all the tree kinds and sizes available, along with descriptions, pictures and tree “stats” to help you choose the right tree for you.

Handling and care

There is very little – besides decorating – you need to do to keep your tree beautiful through the Holidays. We offer additional suggestions and tips to ensure both you and our tree have a wonderful time in your home or office.

Check our tree handling and caring recommendations and suggestions. Tree Care FAQs
Ordering more than one tree? Have special delivery needs? Not sure if we can deliver to your address? Delivery FAQ

Delivery and pickup

Everything you need to know how our delivery and pickup process works. Questions about delivery options, zones, and cost are answer here.

Purchasing our trees

Once our trees become too tall to be indoors, they become available for sale to be planted on your property.

This FAQ explain how and when you can purchase or trees. Purchasing FAQs