Our goal is to make renting a Christmas tree as simple and hassle-free as possible, but sometimes you may need help. This is why we try hard to offer the best support possible.

Privacy Policy

Who we are

We are Rent a Xmas Tree LLC (, a California-based tree rental company for clients in central California.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it.

We collect personal data only when you submit a contact form and a checkout form.  Your data is then stored in our private servers to allow our support employees to access it in order to provide customer support or complete your ordering process.

Our site uses cookies to identify you on future visits to our site for the purpose of improving your browsing experience on our website and to make it easy to place new orders.  These cookies will not store any personal information beyond your location (your IP address), your user agent (the browser make and version, for example internet explorer version 10), your zip code (to confirm we can deliver and your computer’s operating system (windows, apple, linux ect).  This anonymous information is collected only to identify your future sessions and is not shared with anyone outside of our company.

All personal information about you is stored in our own server and we are the only entity able to access such information.

We may also collect information about your visits in the form of analytical data.  This data helps us manage, build, and grow our online services to offer a better experience to you and other visitors in the future.


Our site does not use any commenting features.


Our site does not offer any media – video, audio, images or text – upload features.

Contact forms

There are several unique contact forms on our website.  The contact form system on our website will store the information you provide in our private servers.  Access to any and all information submitted through these contact forms is available to our authorized system administrators and support staff, following strict privacy protocols.  None of your personal contact information is shared, sold or made available to any third-party companies, marketing providers, ad brokers or any other services with commercial interests.

Your submitted contact information is kept in our servers for an unlimited period of time in the form of backups.


Our system will save anonymous cookies in your computer to enhance future visits to our site.  These cookies can be removed by each visitor by simply using their browser’s cookie clearing features.  You can also request your browser to prevent accepting cookies from our system, in which case, you will not experience a lesser version of our system nor will you be limited in accessing the features we offer through our site, however, you may not be able to order as we will not be able to confirm we can deliver to your zip code.

All cookies created by our system have a life of 1 year, after which time they are automatically invalidated and flushed by your browser.

Embedded content from other websites

We neither use content embedded from other sources nor use iframes from third-party websites that my collect information about you,  embed additional third-party tracking or monitoring technologies.


We use Google Analytics to gather generic information about your visits to our site.  We may track data related to the time and date of your visit, the most popular pages, the clicked links and menus, the bounce rates and other metrics intended for the sole purpose of understanding our visitors enabling us to continuously work to offer a better browsing experience.

Who we share your data with

We will not share your data, private or anonymous, with any external, third-party, or support service.

What rights you have over your data

You have the right to request an export file of your personal data gathered from submitting contact forms on our site.  You can also request to delete any identifiable personal data we may currently have about you. This does not include anonymous data we gather for analytic purposes.

How we protect your data

Your personal information is stored in our private server in databases protected by industry-standard access, encryption, and storage policies.  Communication with our site is encrypted with a SSL certificate so all of your information is transferred in a safe and secure way to us.

Our web hosting servers are also protected with the latest security technology available and are accessible only to specially trained personnel.

What data breach procedures do we have in place

Although comprehensive security measures have been put into place to protect your data, data breaches are both potential and real  In the event of a data breach, our system is configured to promptly alert our system administrators about the event enabling them to take immediate action to minimize damage and minimize the access or release of information.  We also have a reporting system to let our clients know, promptly, about the incident and explain the measures that are implemented to minimize the chance of such event happening again.

What third parties receive data from our site

We don’t engage any third-party service that receives data from our site.

Privacy policy revised September 2018