About Us

Find out who we are and why we love trees.

We love trees

We started our Christmas tree rental program in 2009 as an alternative to cutting and destroying trees for the Holidays. Now we have hundreds of trees in our forest nursery ready visit your home or office to provide natural and convenient holiday cheer.

Fresh and healthy.

Potted by our professional tree care experts early on, our trees grow with their roots intact, ensuring they are healthier, live longer and can return to our nursery as part of the wildlife ecosystem.

In the heart of California

Most of our trees are locally grown. By keeping the trees local, we reduce our transportation and maintenance footprint while ensuring longer tree life. Trees that grow too tall for indoor use can then be planted in their familiar region.

We are passionate about the environment

Preserving the natural resources of this part of our country was the inspiration for creating our tree renting program. Trees are a crucial element in creating clean air and supporting the ecosystem around us.

This is why our renting program focuses on zero waste and employs a minimal footprint operation through efficiency and conservation.

Family owned and operated

Monica started Rent A Living Christmas Tree in 2009 with her partner, the late Roland Garcia (pictured). Since then, it has grown to become a Holiday success, with hundreds of trees in the Monterey Peninsula nursery cared for year-round by Jesus and Cele Esparza, who make sure the trees stay healthy, happy and ready for you to rent.

During off-season, Monica, a renowned local tour guide, returns to her passion: sharing her vast knowledge of this beautiful area with visitors from near and far. You can learn more about her at calegacytours.com