How it Works

A convenient, simple and eco-friendly alternative to cut Christmas trees for the Holidays.

Renting a Christmas tree is better.

A few reasons why more and more people are renting Christmas trees to celebrate the holidays.

They are eco-friendly and convenient.

With nothing going to waste, a living tree is the environmentally friendly way to bring the spirit of Christmas to your office or home.

After the Holidays, the trees return to our forest nursery, where they continue to produce oxygen, contribute to the ecosystem, and serve as wildlife habitat.

Locally grown and raised.

Many of our trees are potted early in their lives and their roots are undisturbed. The result is healthier, better looking, and happier tree, losing very few needles while in your home.

To stay true to our eco-friendly approach, we are pioneering the use of a native, the Coast Redwood, as a Christmas tree.  Raised at our nursery from selected cuttings, this is the most sustainable choice.

Convenient and low maintenance.

There is one simple step to keep your Christmas tree happy, healthy, and beautiful through the Holidays: give it water or ice every day.  That’s it.

Because Santa’s helpers both deliver your tree and pick it up again after the holidays, there is no trip to the tree lot, damage to your car, or dead tree by your trash can in the New Year.

Rent our trees in three easy steps.

Online or by phone, renting a Living Christmas tree for the Holidays is simple.

Check if we can deliver to your address.

We offer delivery to the majority of the San Francisco South Bay Area, Santa Cruz, Monterey Peninsula, and Salinas regions.

Select your tree.

You can use our online catalog to find the right variety and size and for your home or office. We also include tree “stats” to help you compare features to choose the right tree.

Confirm order and delivery method.

Our online ordering system allows you to create an account, submit payment and confirm your order. Shipping includes delivery to your door, and in-home delivery is possible.