Rent a living Christmas tree.

Our fresh, potted and nicely trimmed living trees are available in multiple sizes and types and they are delivered and picked up at your door.

How it Works

Since 2009 we have been offering a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative by celebrating the Holidays with a living Christmas tree.  We make this possible by caring for thousands of potted fir, spruce, cedar and redwood trees in our nursery, making them ready to be delivered to your home or office at the beginning of December, for you to enjoy for 30 days.

Afterwards, we return and pick up the tree.  That’s it. No waste, no messy disposal and best of all, not a single tree had to be cut.

To get started, first check if we can deliver to your area, then select the tree kind and size you like and finally confirm your order to reserve your tree.

We love your trees and your service. This is our 5th year!

Chris. G.

Carmel, CA

Check if we can deliver to your address.

You can rent our Christmas tree online for deliveries to the San Francisco South Bay, Santa Cruz, Monterey Peninsula & Salinas areas or call us is you live along the Highway 1 and Highway 101 corridor.

Delivery cost is calculated by the distance from our nursery.  To ensure we can deliver, please enter your zip code below.

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5-digit zip code of the address where you are expecting delivery of your Christmas tree.

Choose online the type and size of tree you like.

Our online catalog allows you to browse and compare among the kinds and sizes of Christmas tree we offer. You can order one or multiple trees in the same order.


We deliver it to your door and pick it up after the holidays.

Once your order is confirmed, we will reserve your tree and prepare it for delivery to your home or office. Deliveries start at the beginning of December. We offer delivery at your door but “in home” delivery is also possible.

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Classic Nordmann Fir

This gorgeous dark green tree with wide, soft and glossy needles and cascading branches is fast becoming the favorite Christmas tree in California.










The Spirit of Christmas as love for our Earth.

We care for all our trees in our forest where they are potted, hand-trimmed and fertilized. Once the tree grows too tall, we offer them for sale. An eco-friendly, practical and simple alternative to celebrate the Holidays with a living, healthy, fresh Christmas tree.