Frequently Asked Questions

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Caring for a Christmas tree frequently asked questions

Have questions on how to care for our trees and enjoy them the most at your home or office? Find the most common answers here and if you still have questions, just contact us.

Just water once a day. Our trees have been growing in pots in our nursery with undisturbed roots. They also have a hand-pruning and fertilization program to keep them healthy and ready to return to their forest after the Holidays.

Give your tree a quart of water as soon as it is in place. Pour slowly around the base of the tree as you allow it to be absorbed by the soil. Depending of the size of the tree, it will need between 4 to 8 cups of water a day. Our larger trees include a funnel to make it easy to pour water. If you notice water standing in the saucer, please wait a day to water the tree again.

No. Our trees must be returned in the exact same condition as they were delivered. You cannot replant the tree into a different pot either.

You can use any ornament as if this was a cut or synthetic Christmas tree, however you must use LED lights as they are cool and will not harm your tree. Do not use those old incandescent hot lights. They will severely damage the tree.

No! the tree will die if it is flocked. It should remain natural during the rental period as it will be return to the forest where it is part of the wildlife ecosystem. Tinsel would be harmful to the wildlife which may try to eat it.

We recommend placing the tree next to a source of natural light, away from heating units or fireplaces and in a dry, cool place.

Yes, you can cover or decorate the pot, however you must make sure the soil remains accessible to water the tree daily. Also, we include a saucer to ensure there is no water damage to your floor. However, you must protect your floor with plastic sheeting prior to installing the saucer and pot in your home.

Yes, if it is not on a driveway or street where it can be stolen or damaged. Remember that even if the tree is outdoors, you still need to water it every day!

Call us immediately. We will help you figure out and resolve the issue.