So you want to rent Christmas Trees...

We regularly get questions from people interested in starting a Christmas Tree rental service in their local area.  Since we usually don’t have time to answer each one individually, especially during the Holidays, we’ve composed page with some basic information and advice that may be helpful.

Know Your Trees

The most important piece of advice we can give is to know what trees do well naturally in your area.  These will generally be the easiest to grow and maintain outdoors during the year, and should do better with less attention than varieties that are not well adapted to your local climate.  Here on the Central Coast of California, the California Redwood does very well, and we can grow them ourselves them from cuttings.  The Douglas and Nordmann Fir varieties we offer are purchased from growers in Washington and Oregon at higher cost, and it can be difficult to maintain them in good condition year after year.

Know your Climate

We’re fortunate to have a mild climate; it does not freeze in the winter, and outdoor temperatures rarely exceed 45 – 75°F (7 – 24°C) the whole year, so the trees don’t get too much of a shock when they go inside for a month in the middle of winter.  Freezing outdoor temperatures will be the biggest concern for many interested in the business.  Trees in cold climates go dormant during the winter, and bringing them inside will “wake” them up, as if it was spring.  Following this by returning them to a freezing outdoor environment after Christmas would be very stressful.  We know of no companies offering this service in areas where it freezes during the winter.


This page is a work in progress.  If you have questions, feel free to contact us and we will try to answer them as we can, but please don’t expect a quick response during the Christmas season.