How it Works

A convenient, simple and eco-friendly alternative to cut Christmas trees for the Holidays.

Renting a Christmas tree is better.

A few reasons why more and more people are renting Christmas trees for the holidays.

They are eco-friendly and convenient.

With nothing going to waste, a living tree is the environmentally friendly way to bring the spirit of Christmas to your office or home.

Not only they keep growing after the Holidays, they also return to their natural habitat in our forest nursery, where they continue to produce oxygen and server as ecosystem for the wildlife habitat.

They look and smell nicer.

Our trees are potted early in their lives and their roots are undisturbed. The result is healthier, better looking and happier trees, expertly hand-trimmed for that beautiful Christmas tree shape.

They also lose fewer needles and allow better decoration thanks to more flexible branches.

They require minimal maintenance.

There is one single step to keep your Christmas tree beautiful through the Holidays: Water or ice every day.  That’s it. Our trees are already potted and fertilized, leaving nothing to dispose at you office or home after the Holidays.

Rent our trees in three easy steps.

Online or by phone, we offer a simple way to rent a Christmas tree for the Holidays.

Check if we can deliver to your address.

We offer delivery to the San Francisco South Bay, Santa Cruz, Monterey Peninsula & Salinas areas or call us is you live along the Highway 1 and Highway 101 corridor.

Select the tree kind and size.

You can use our online catalog to find the right size and kind of Christmas tree for your home or office. We also include tree “stats” to help you compare features to choose the right tree.

Confirm order and delivery method.

Our online ordering system allows you to create and account, submit payment and confirm your order to reserve the tree. We offer at door delivery but “in home” delivery is also possible.

Phone Orders Special

Rent 5 or more trees to the same delivery area and save 10% the full order (excludes delivery cost) Use promo-code DASHER18

Renting our Christmas trees is easy.

We want to make renting a Christmas tree as simple and convenient as possible by trying to answer all your questions and providing friendly customer service

Have questions about how to order, choose or compare our Christmas trees for rent? Ordering FAQs

Selecting trees and sizes

Our online catalog includes all the tree kinds and sizes available, along with descriptions, pictures and tree “stats” to help you choose the right tree for you.

Handling and care

There is very little – besides decorating – you need to do to keep your tree beautiful through the Holidays. We offer additional suggestions and tips to ensure both you and our tree have a wonderful time in your home or office.

Check our tree handling and caring recommendations and suggestions. Tree Care FAQs
Ordering more than one tree? Have special delivery needs? Not sure if we can deliver to your zip code? Delivery FAQ

Delivery and pickup

Everything you need to know how our delivery and pickup process works. Questions about delivery options, zones, and cost are answer here.

Purchasing our trees

Once our trees become too tall to be indoors, they become available for sale to be planted on your property.

This FAQ explain how and when you can purchase or trees. Purchasing FAQs