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White Mini Lights GE 100 Lights

Energy efficient, safe for the tree and easy to install white mini LED lights.



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1 set of 100 LED warm white mini lights

34 ft. string with 33 ft. lighted length

Colorite LED lights give you the look and color of traditional incandescent bulbs

ConstantON light technology means the set stays lit even if a bulb is burnt out or missing

LED technology can help you save up to 80% on energy costs over incandescent bulbs

How many boxes should I get?

1 box for 3-4 ft tree. 2 boxes for 5-feet tree, 3 boxes for 6-7-feet trees and then 1 box for every 2 feet height afterwards.

Do I need to return the lights with the tree?

No! You get to keep the lights and save them for next year.

Can I use my own lights?

Yes, however we recommend you use only LED lights as the heat from normal lights can damage the living tree.