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Color C-9 Lights GE LED-C9

50 LED energy efficient C9 red, green, blue, amber and white bulbs.



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Set contains 50 LED C-9 Lights

Energy Smart Constant ON – Set Continues to operate even if a bulb is burned out or loose

Up to 80% energy savings with Multi colored 120V 60Hz, Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White

Connects up to 25 set, Spacing: 8″ between bulbs

Lead wire: 6″, Total set wattage per strand: 7.2 watts

Use indoors or Outdoors

How many boxes should I get?

1 box for 3-4 ft tree. 2 boxes for 5-feet tree, 3 boxes for 6-7-feet trees and then 1 box for every 2 feet height afterwards.

Do I need to return the lights with the tree?

No! You get to keep the lights and save them for next year.

Can I use my own lights?

Yes, however we recommend you use only LED lights as the heat from normal lights can damage the living tree.